Do you know that actually Chocolate is good for your health? But you have to choose the kind that contains at least 71% of real cocoa.
Please remember that the darker it is, the less sugar it contains and the better it is for you.

The benefits you can get by eating chocolate:

  1. Chocolate provides us with feelings of comfort and wellbeing, energy and pleasure by liberating endorphins in the body. In addition, chocolate also contains serotonin and caffeine which both provide energy and promote good humor.
  2. Chocolate's complex chemical composition offers a variety of substances that the body needs to function properly and to prevent disease.
  3. Chocolate enhances cardiovascular health.
  4. Chocolate does contain fats but these are unsaturated and contribute to reducing bad cholesterol and to increasing good cholesterol.
  5. Chocolate is also an excellent source of magnesium. Should it contain nuts, chocolate can become a great source phosphor and vegetable iron.
Like with everything however, chocolate must be consumed in good measure. Chocolate increases caloric intake and energy level. This can be good, provided these calories are burned. We might even change the saying to "Some chocolate everyday keeps the doctor away!"